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Monday 15th September 2014


Further information regarding the walking bus and after school classes will be available soon.  Please check children's book bags for letters about these in  due course. 



Wednesday 10th September 2014




Dear parents/carers



As you will have noticed yourselves, there is very restricted parking around the school’s new site.    Please read this letter really carefully as it sets out where you can and cannot park to drop off your children. 



Where can parents/carers park?



Parents can park in the mornings anywhere on Milton Road.   Parents can park in the parking bays for 20 minutes for free but must ensure that they take a ticket and display it inside the dashboard. 



Parents can park anywhere, at the beginning and end of the school day, by the old or new school site, including the zig-zags, as long as it is not between the hours of 10am-11am and is clearly in control parking zone ‘C’.  



The new school site will be allocated two disabled spaces for use by disabled badge holders only.  The school will administer these as needed.   



Where must parents/carers not park?



Parents and carers cannot park or stop on the Civic Centre site or the one-way system just in front of the school gates.  This includes waiting, parking or dropping-off at the front of the school. 



Parents cannot park on the single yellow line where the school crossing patrol is based.  If they park or stop here they will be issued with a parking fine from the Council.   This will become our ‘zig-zag’ area in due course.  



Parents must not park across residents’ driveways.



Parents and carers are advised not to walk across the car parks for their own safety. 



Walking Bus Scheme



To the ensure the safety of all the children and to alleviate the pressures of parking around the Civic Centre site, the school will be operating a walking bus system to and from the old and new site.  Please see separate letter about the walking bus. 



Thank you for your support and understanding.




Walking Bus


Dear parents/carers



As previously communicated to parents, the school will be providing a ‘walking bus’ service to and from the old and new site.  We are hoping that this will alleviate some of the parking issues at the Civic Centre site. 



The walking bus will be run by staff of Marlborough School and would operate as follows:



Staff will collect children from the old site at Marlborough Hill at 8.40am and walk them down to the new site to arrive in time to start the school day. 



At the end of the school day, the walking bus will leave the new site at 3.10pm and walk the children up to the old site where parents must pick them up by 3.25pm. 



If you would like to take advantage of the walking bus please complete and return the slip on the letter by 9am on Friday 12th September. 


 Once we know how many children will be taking part we will give you further information. 




After School Classes


Dear parents/carers



As previously communicated to parents the school will be offering after school provision for children who cannot be collected at 3pm (Infants) or 3.10pm (Juniors).   This would enable children to stay in school until 4pm. 



These after school classes will be available to children from Year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.  The classes will be run by teachers until 4pm.  There will be a maximum of 20 children per class.  The classes will be based on children’s needs and they will be given the opportunity to complete homework during these classes. 



The classes will run until 4pm.  Parents will not be able to collect children between the class starting and 4pm.  If children attending the After School classes have siblings in Reception or Year 1 then the youngest siblings will attend the classes alongside one of the older children. 



As a school we expect the highest standards of behaviour at all times and this will include the after school classes.  If a child’s behaviour falls below these high expectations then they will not be able to attend. 



If you are unable to collect your child at the end of the day and need provision until 4pm, please complete the slip on the letter and return to the school office by 9am on Friday 12th September.  This will enable us to plan each of the classes so that we can begin this next week.  Places will be offered on a first-come first-served basis. 



Please note that if you require provision after 4 o’clock then your child will need to attend Granary Kids. 




Ofsted Inspection (October 2010)

"Marlborough Primary School is an outstanding school where pupils achieve well and thoroughly enjoy learning. A shared vision results in a vibrant ethos and strong commitment from everyone to provide each pupil with the best possible education."








































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